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When we are well, we can go so much more boldly toward our goals and live a more fulfilled Third Act. Starting when you are healthy is the easiest path, though it’s never too late to make positive health changes. Make no mistake, though! Erasing years of marginal health habits is no easy task. So, take it slow. Remember, if you do ONE new healthy thing today, that makes today healthier than yesterday, even if it’s a small thing like eating a peach or calling your mom (or your sister or that non-relative you always called “auntie”). That’s the best path forward, one step at a time.



There has been a lot of research lately on social connectedness and healthful aging and the results are in! Social connections are associated with better mental health, cardiovascular health, immunological functioning, and cognitive performance, especially for an aging brain and body. It makes sense, given that our ancestors had to have a tribe to survive. The great news is that opportunities for connection are all around us! Connections can be hanging out with friends, talking on the phone with family, finding things in common with people in a class and even taking care of your pets! So go out there and connect!



Of course financial fitness is important before you can embark on your Third Act and live it well. There are TONS of great sites out there to help you with your financial acumen and teach you to work on your portfolio. I’ve listed some under the “Tools” section of this page. On this site I’m going to keep it simple – net worth, retirement income sources, budget. Income – outflow = readiness. That simple.

Finally, a healthy dose of FUN!