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Welcome to the rest of your life!

You didn’t really have much choice about your First Act. Suddenly, you were in this big bright world! You learned to talk and walk and do your multiplication tables and pretend to pick up your room and people asked you “What do you want to be when you grow up?” Then, you were faced with the Second Act. You actually had to figure it out. And figure it out, you did. You diligently learned and grew and accumulated and contributed and made your mark on the world. You probably changed majors, jobs and/or careers (and spouses?) at least once while you were sorting it out, but then you figured it out and, 30+ years later, the last song of that Act has been sung. Bravo to you!

Here’s the thing…

You know that Act you just performed? You’re probably going to have time to do it all over again! You planned and learned and worked on what that Second Act was going to look like for years. Don’t you think you owe it to yourself to do the same thing for the Third Act? Yes! You do! And it can be as beautiful and healthful and fulfilling as the Second one. Even more so, since you have much more of a sense of who you are now! But you need some tools to help. That’s where this site comes in. We’ve got the tools to help you get traction and plan your DREAM retirement!

On this site you will find what I call the 5 pillars of success for Rockin’ the Third Act! The first is “Purpose” or why you put your foot on the floor in the morning. The second is “Wellness.” In this pillar, we will look at fitness, nutrition and mindfulness. The third pillar is “Connections.” It’s so important to stay socially active in retirement! Next, why the heck would you give up your job if you didn’t think there would be some “FUN” to be had?! Finally, a “Financial” foundation is important. We’ll keep the Financial discussion SIMPLE on this site, but without some thoughts about how to be financially secure, the rest won’t be as easy.

So, what do you want to be when you retire?

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